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February 2023

My goodness gracious.

I think that sums up my life from 2020 to 2022…

THIS year is filled with yummy tasty goodies that I would love to savour with you all…

The next big thing is me waking up tomorrow and starting a brand new day.

It’s the biggest deal actually, such a blessing…

And then La Forza Nascosta will be heading to to CERN in Geneva.

For those of you who don’t know much about this place: doing something at CERN is as important to scientists as performing at La Scala or the MET is to singers so yeah, it’s caliente!!!

This month, La Forza Nascosta is also on the road to Milan and Reggio Calabria aaaaand i’ll be doing my first solo radio interview for Radio Canale Italia so check, check, check it out!

Love you all.

Stay fabulous!

Let’s eat 2023 up!

December 2020

The year is ending in full force for me and the La Forza Nascosta Team because we will be able to present our work at the CinéTeatro Baretti in Turin on December 11th online. This is after an extremely well recieved anteprima (preview) that we performed during the Festival Scienze in Genova, also streamed online. We are infinitely grateful to the incredible people at Festival Scienze and their extremely professional, capable, and talented production team that created such a high quality streaming event for us. We are all very excited because #laforzanascosta is just beginning and we are ready to ride this until the wheels fall off and beyond!  Check out more info at

September 2020

This month is poppin’ for real! I’ll be in the mix with Urrà Torino and the incredible project at Via Arquata. I’ll keep you all updated on my calendar page and social media sites. I’ll also be performing for the Enne Photography exhibition and someone just called me yesterday for something else. Soooo, feeling extremely blessed and ready to rock and roll!

I have to admit that the emotions were real, raw, and intense in July 2020. It was my first time back on stage since the end of the Lockdown. The audience number was very limited and everyone kept their safe distances but this did not hinder the energy and the power of music to be present.

I’ll be back live with the CPG Torino on Sunday night, 17 May 2020 at  21h30 CEST

So excited to do a Facebook Live interview with CPG Torino. We’ll be talking  in Tuesday, on Tuesday 12 May 2020 at 17h CEST 

May 2020

So, like many of my musician and artistic colleagues, much of my work has been postponed because of the crisis created by COVID-19. My first reaction was to take the music online. I quickly put together my first event using STAGEIT, an online platform that allows performers of all types to create shows, sell tickets to the shows, and provides solid technical capacity, which guarantees a certain level of quality and a relatively easy way to make some coins. I decided to let people pay what they wanted and I donated half of the proceeds to various charities (Red Umbrella, Give Directly, Spotify’s Fund to Support musicians, etc). It was fantastic and I really enjoyed the experience but when I went to cash out my earnings, I realized that the site keeps almost 40% of all money earned. Yikes! Didn’t see that one coming…another drawback was that it wasn’t the easiest of systems to use so I ended up having to tech support some of my listeners who hadn’t quite figured out the system yet. After this experience, I did three Facebook Live events. I kept things short and sweet. I sang about four songs each time and I must say that for a free service, there are alot of possibilities. The main problem that I had with the third live event is that my wifi connection was slow that day so the quality of the sound was really compromised, so much so that I decided to delete the recording of the Live event from my Facebook personal page. I now know that there is a world of possibilities out there to support Live events online, from Streamyard to Vmixcall to just an infinite amount of possibilities so I am going to get wised up and prepared so that the next time I get out there, I’ll have more tools in my bag but I MUST say that I am just so thankful that I jumped in the water because it helped keep me sane knowing that I was doing SOMETHING with my talents, even imperfectly. I also really appreciate that I was able to financially support non profit organizations doing vital work on the ground durings these unprecedented times. I’d say it’s a win. So, love to you all, you are in my heart. 

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