Fe-49Described as having ‘a thrilling soprano that conveys emotional truth along with highly sensuous sound (Post-Gazette)’, Fé Avouglan’s non-traditional path has generated interesting and surprising influences in her artistry. From renowned settings (Opera Garnier, Opéra d’Alger) to street performing (Paris: Latin Quarter and Places des Vosges), this singer loves to connect deeply and personally with her listeners. When making music, Fé ‘create[s] an intimate bond with the audience through her warm, glossy vocal tone and infectious spirit (Kurt Weill Newsletter)’.
In DECEMBER 2022, the soprano Fé Avouglan HAD ample opportunity to display her exciting vocalism in a brand new production of Don Giovanni with Carib’Opéra in Guadaloupe and Martinique under the talented direction of Maestro Gaspard Brecourt. 
Recently, in collaboration with Kallipolis, the project UrràTorino allows her to combine music and outreach in Via Arquata, a Torino neighborhood in transformation. Fé Avouglan holds this work close to her heart because it is in complete alignment with her desire to use her musical abilities to support and sustain communities.
2020 gave birth to La Forza Nascosta, an unforgettable show in an unforgettable year where science, music and theatre combine in powerful and surprising ways. THE SHOW IS CURRENTLY ON TOUR. Ms. Avouglan has the privilege of collaborating with Elena Ruzza and Gabriella Bordin, as well as a team of Turin based scientists. http://laforzanascosta.to.infn.it/
Friendship, curiosity, and enthusiasm fueled the collaboration with producers Roger Rama and Diego Perrone and the release of her album State of the Art, an enticing mix of electronic energy, pop vibes, and classical flow, available for streaming – Deezer, Apple Music, Spotify, etc. https://linktr.ee/feavouglan
Born and raised in California to Togolese and Ugandan parents, she now makes her home in Turin, Italy where she has had the opportunity to perform in various venues including CineTeatro Baretti, OGR, Mausoleo della Belà Rosin, Polo ‘900, and Palazzo Saluzzo Paesana in her debut as Violetta from Giuseppe Verdi’s La Traviata.
Fé has sung internationally in festivals, concerts, and theatres. In the United States, she created the role of The Earth for the composer Gilda Lyon’s operatic debut ‘A New Kind of Fallout’ for the Pittsburgh Festival Opera and sang Irina in Kurt Weill’s Lost in the Stars under the baton of the late Julius Rudel. Her repertoire extends from the Countess in Mozart’s Marriage of Figaro to Verdi’s Requiem, sung recently in Paris (Église Madeleine) under the direction of David Molard
Her vocal studies began in California at the CSUF School of Music with Janet Smith. She continued her education with LAURA CLAYCOMB, Carlo Bergonzi, Larry Woodard, and Valter Carignano. As for competitions, Ms. Avouglan is the winner of the 2015 Concorso Internazionale di Musica Sacra and the 2014 SummerFest Europe Competition, 3rd place winner of the 2014 Opera Pienza International Competition, and finalist in the 2013 Paris Opera Awards.
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